Saturday, April 26, 2008

Drugs, Money, Paper Companies & Duquesne City Hall

Experts say that we are all connected to one another in some way. Well, we found some very interesting connections that start in Duquesne, go all the way to Florida and then back to the Pittsburgh area again.

Duquesne is the current home to Mayor Philip T. Krivacek, Chief of Police Richard S. Adams, and former home to Carl Begovich, a classmate of Lefty Adams and seemingly life-long friend.
Begovich and others were federally indicted under the RICO Act for transporting one-half million to three-quarters of a million dollars worth of marijuana between Pittsburgh (Duquesne?), Chicago and Tampa in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. (click here to view the Federal Court docket at: and go to page 8, section 74.)

Every summer, police chief Richard Adams goes to Florida to visit Begovich and stays as his guest in Begovich's condo.

Today Begovich along with his wife Bonita and others have a number of businesses registered across the State of Florida. It's interesting that all of the businesses registered are “inactive” according to the Florida Department of Corporations. Those businesses are: Home Sound Ventures, Inc., Atlantic Integrated Controls, LLC, Secure Controls BTS, Inc., VF Professional Services, Inc., and Dimensional Imaging, Inc.

Listed on the Florida corporation’s paperwork as the Title Manager for Secure Controls and Atlantic Integrated Controls is Philip C. Krivacek of Venetia, Pa. who is the son of Duquesne Mayor Philip T. Krivacek (from his first marriage).
To see it for yourself, click here: Under "Document Searches", click on "Corporation/Trademark", then click on "Inquire by officer/Regestered Agent Name" then type in Krivacek. The first two listed you will see are "Philip C. Krivacek." Also note the "Registered Agent Name and Address" for those listings.
Don't touch that dial... we're just getting started. There's plenty more where this came from!

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